Power Generation/Utilities

Power generation, fossil, solar and nuclear are typically constructed in large, open, and unobstructed locations, making these systems highly susceptible to lightning strikes, direct discharges, nearby strikes to earth, and cloud to cloud discharges. This can result in catastrophic and incremental damage to the systems that control the power generation processes.  Damage effects on the electrical system caused by the long term exposure to repeated transient voltages may cause premature component failure, resulting in sizable repair and/or replacement costs, as well as lost power generation revenue.

Since operating systems for power generation and utility facilities reside in highly exposed environments, the quality of the facility protection systems is key to their continuing operations. These facility protection systems include proper low impedance grounding systems, potential equalization, and lightning protection systems. Properly maintaining and updating these systems will result in personnel safety, and equipment protection.

SGS uses strategic alliance partners  in the grounding industry for design. SGS installs, and verifies its total site and facility protection system which includes, grounding, lightning protection, surge suppression and lightning warning systems. SGS has over 30 years of experience in protecting the Power Generation and Utility industries with proven engineered results, not just equipment sales and guessing what is needed.