Government & Military

There is a lightning-caused explosion at a mission critical federal government facility each and every year. Lyncole’s Grounding takes pride in delivering the highest quality Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression, and Lightning Warning Systems to our military and government personnel and mission critical facilities. With some of SGS’s staff being retired military, this provides Lyncole with the knowledge and expertise critical for the unique needs of military projects.

Lyncole’s engineers use the National Electric Code, Civilian code: NFPA-780, Army code: PAM 385-64, Navy code: NAVSEA OP5, USAF codes: AFI 32-1065 and AFMAN 91-101, as well as the Department of Defense Explosives Standards Board (DDESB) DDESB standard: 6055.9 and all client specific standards to perform a wide range of survey and audits to ensure Total Site and Facility Protection.  This includes bonding of all adjacent conductive objects to ensure an equi-potential reference and proper grounding that provides a low impedance to earth. This process is vitally important in military installations to protect facilities and personnel in areas where explosives exist as well as to insure protection and proper operations in communications facilities common in military operations.

Lyncole has even established unique grounding kits for mobile radio operations. Lyncole engineers provide total site and mission critical facility protection including grounding, bonding, lightning protection, surge suppression, and lightning warning, for schools, local and state government, federal government, and military facility operations. This has resulted in consistent results with reliability, personnel safety and equipment performance.  Lyncole has the team and the technology for when the mission is critical.

SGS is trained and certified for grounding and grounding systems by Lyncole and is proud to be their strategic alliance partner.