SGS Grounding Engineering and Design Assist

Engineered design is not a luxury, it’s essential for Total Site and Facility Protection. When designing your facilities protection system, the grounding system is the most important “foundation” of the system. Without the ground or “foundation” the lightning protection, surge suppression and lightning warning systems cannot function or protect your site and facility as designed. The grounding system is buried under the ground and is invisible for inspection and maintenance. Since it is only part of the Total Site & Facility Protection system, which cannot be regularly inspected it is essential to design the grounding system safely and properly for extensive life. Lyncole XIT® Grounding has the most experienced and only full time staff of engineers that provide customized site and facility grounding, lightning, surge suppression and lighting warning system designs. With over 100 years of combined experience we have completed Grounding, Lightning Protection, Surge Suppression and Lightning Warning Systems designs for virtually all industry leaders.

Additionally, we perform total site and facility electrical protection surveys. These surveys are the industry standard and include detailed explanations with photos illustrating any issues identified and appropriate corrections required. Our engineers provide site specific solutions providing you with Total Site and Facility Protection. Our engineering and design services include:

·         Site Specific Grounding, Lightning, Surge Suppression and Lightning Warning Designs

·         Ground Potential Rise Studies

·         Soil Resistivity Testing

·         Site Audits/Surveys

·         Grounding System Compliance Testing

·         Total Site and Facility System Designs

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